National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)


     This chapter is concerned with data on price indices, including wholesale price indices, consumer price indices, import price indices, and export price indices. The Wholesale price survey covers a scope limited only to the tradable goods at the processing stage (including materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods) and importing commodities, excluding such non-tradable products as services, real estates, and securities. The commodities under investigation are picked based on the economic structure of Taiwan Area in the base year, updated once every five years, a practice applicable to all other price indices. The priced commodities include 1,142 items, 278 items for import prices, 279 items for export prices and 585 items for domestic wholesale prices. The price of domestic manufactured goods are surveyed by monthly mailing or internet reporting to designated companies except the prices of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing goods are obtained from the digital transmission data dispatch by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan and Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing CO. The designated companies are required to report the actual selling prices(in principal, price after adjustment for rebate, tax, and shipment, etc. around the 20th of a month) of selected commodities with the same specification.
     The consumer price survey covers a scope of consumer goods and services purchased by ordinary families, excluding investment or savings goods such a financial assets and real estates. The priced items were selected based on the family consumption structure in the base year. During pricing period, the actual retail prices of the selected items are taken by investigators in 17 surveyed counties and cities. In the base year of 2011, 370 items of commodities and services are selected by each surveyed group. The date of pricing is determined by the feature of the priced items.
     The import and export price survey covers a scope of commodities imported and exported. The priced items were picked based on the structure of imports and exports prevailing in the base year. The pricing is conducted by mail or through Internet Reporting System. Selected importers and exporters are required to report the actual transaction prices most close to the 20th day of a month. The export price is on a F.O.B. basis while the import, on a C.I.F. basis. For the base year of 2011, a total of 278 import categories items and 279 export categories items have been selected for pricing.
     The price data contained in this chapter are not seasonally adjusted ones. For seasonally adjusted price statistics, please refer to the Price Statistics Monthly.