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How is the monthly employment and unemployment statistics survey conducted?
What is employed?
What is unemployed?
What is the civilian population? What is the labor force? What is the non-labor force?
What is the unemployment rate? How is it calculated? How does it differ from the broadly defined unemployment rate?
What is the labor participation rate? How is it calculated?
What were the 23,209,000 people in the Taiwan area doing in 2023?
Is setting up a stall on the ground with goods for sale considered employment?
Is trading stocks considered employment?
Are religious workers such as priests, ministers, Buddhist monks and nuns, and Taoist priests considered employed?
Are persons who have gone to the China area or other foreign area to invest or establish a factory and persons assigned by their Taiwan headquarters to work in the China area or other foreign area considered employed?
Is helping others care for children in the home considered employed?
Some taxi drivers sometimes work and sometimes take time off; are they considered employed?
Farmers may work very few hours during the slack season; are they considered employed?
Are retired persons who are searching for work considered to be unemployed?
Teachers don't have to teach class during the winter and summer vacations. If they do not engage in other work during these periods, are they considered unemployed?
Are persons who have registered to participate in short-term employment promotion programs, but have not yet found work, considered unemployed?
Are unpaid family workers considered "employed" or members of the "non-labor force"?
What is the significance of the "weeks of unemployment" announced by the Manpower Survey?
How is the "population affected by unemployment" calculated?