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Welcome to the website of National Statistics of the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) of Executive Yuan. To respect and safeguard your personal privacy rights, and help you understand how the DGBAS website collects, processes, uses and shares the personal data that you provide, please read the following carefully.

Our privacy and information safety policy applies to the activities carried out on the DGBAS website. However, please be aware that websites link within the DGBAS website that are maintained by independent third parties have their own privacy policies. Therefore, each website will have its respective policy towards personal information protection and DGBAS will not be responsible for any liabilities to those policies.

Information Collection:

  • National Statistics website will not collect any personal information from individuals who simply browse or download from the website.
  • The website server will record users' IP address, duration on the website and the webpages users browse.
  • If you register as National Statistics website online member, express opinions or make inquiries through e-mails or service mailbox, DGBAS will collect your personal information, such as names, gender, and telephone numbers, and living area, year of birth, e-mail address, occupation and education, based on the service you require.

Information Usage:

  • The information collected from National Statistics website is used only for general analysis of website flow rates and internet behavior, assisting DGBAS to upgrade the quality of National Statistics website.
  • If you provide your personal information on National Statistics website when sending E-mail or using the service mailbox, we will only use this information to reply you and to help us provide the information you require. In addition, if your inquiries are related to other government institutions, we may share your personal information with those institutions.
  • Personal information collected by National Statistics website is restricted to user characteristic analysis; all information is only for data analyses, and DGBAS will not use your information for any other purposes as well as revise or delete without your prior consent.

Information Sharing
DGBAS will not disclose your personal information to other institutions, groups, individuals or private enterprises, except for the following circumstances:

  • To coordinate judicial investigations; or
  • To coordinate other investigations conducted by other authorities concerned; or
  • Out of good will; disclose personal information would serve the law or improve the website service; or
  • When your behavior on this website violates the terms and conditions of DGBAS, or possibly damages or obstructs the rights of DGBAS or any individual, DGBAS may reveal your personal information for the purposes of identifying, contacting, or taking legal action.

Self-Protection Measurements:
Please do not reveal your personal information, password particularly, or any other confidential information to other individuals or agencies. In addition, please be reminded to log-out of your online account after using the online services on National Statistics website, especially if you are using public computer, in order to prevent others from obtaining your personal information.

Cookies Usage
In order to provide better and more personalized on-line services, we will use cookie technology to store and track your information based on the following objectives and situations:

  • To provide better personalized services and to facilitate your participation in personalized interactive activities, cookies are created when you log-in and modified when you log-out; or
  • To count number of visitors and analyze browsing mode, in order to understand the web browsing situation, and use as a reference for improving the quality of the National Statistics website

Any questions about DGBAS Privacy and Information Safety Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us (TEL: 02-2380-3400).