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  • 2017~2021 (Updated: April 2023)

  Table 1 Gross and Net National Wealth-by Major Types of Asset                               (EXCEL) (ODS)

  Table 2 Produced Assets-by Usage Sector                                                                  (EXCEL) (ODS)

  Table 3 Produced Fixed Assets for Enterprises of All Industry-by Economic Activity  (EXCEL) (ODS)

  Table 4 Balance Sheet-by Sector                                                                                 (EXCEL) (ODS)

  Table 5 Net Worth-by Sector                                                                                        (EXCEL) (ODS)

  Table 6 Assets Structure for Households Sector                                                          (EXCEL) (ODS)

  Table 7 Assets & Liabilities Per Household and Per Capita-Households Sector         (EXCEL) (ODS)