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National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)



     This chapter is concerned with information on status and treatment of crimes, traffic accidents, and fire accidents. Data on the status of crimes include criminal cases, cleared cases, and the number of offenders. A criminal case refers to a case in which one is found offending against the criminal codes, indicted and punished according to the Criminal Suit Law. Statistics on criminal cases are reported by the police agencies regarding complaints or accusations filed by ordinary persons or crimes found by policemen while on duty, with the figure for a specific period. The number of cleared cases refers to the criminal cases which, after investigation, are cleared by police in a specific period. Statistics on offenders refer to the number of criminal suspects who are implicated and after being revised, the monthly statistics are compiled into an annual report at the end of a year.
     The treatment of crimes refers to investigation, trial and execution of court sentence as regard to crimes according to the Criminal Suit Law, the Juvenile Delinquency Treatment Law, and related laws. For a crime, a prosecutor shall conduct investigation in accordance with law and indict a suspect if the evidences obtained from his investigation are sufficient to prove the suspect guilty. After court trials, if the suspect is found guilty and convicted, he will be sent to the public prosecutor's offices of the courts for execution of punishment.
     Violent Crime -- It principally refers to murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, serious intimidation, robbery and forceful taking, kidnapping, serious injury and forcible rape (gang rape).
     Theft -- It refers to stealing of automobiles, motorcycles and other properties.
     Offender Rate -- It refers to the number of offenders per 100 000 of mid-year population. Offenders are divided to 4 categories according to their age:
1. An adult offender -- refers to the offender who is of age 24 or more.
2. An adolescent offender -- refers to the offender who is of age 18 - 23.
3. A juvenile offender -- refers to the offender who is of age 12 - 17.
4. A child offender -- refers to the offender who is of age less than 12.
     Fatal Traffic Accident -- It refers to a major, heavily wounded traffic accident. The death toll refers to the number of deaths instantly caused by the accident and deaths occurring within 24 hours following the accident.