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National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)


Earnings and Productivity Statistics in March 2021

Contact Information:Department of Census, Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS)

i.At the end of March, the total payroll employees were 8,163 thousand, increased by 12 thousand (or 0.14%) than the previous month.
ii.In March, the average regular earnings of full-time employees with Taiwan nationality (excluding the foreigners and part-time employees) was NT$45,442, increased by 2.36% than the same month last year. After adding the irregular earnings such as bonuses and overtime pays, the average total earnings was NT$51,525, increased by 2.56% than the same month last year.
iii.The regular earnings of all employees (including full-time and part-time employees with Taiwan nationality and foreigners) was NT$43,259, increased by 2.51% than the same month last year. The average total earnings was NT$48,897, increased by 2.49% than the same month last year. Among it, the regular hourly earnings of part-time employees was NT$194, increased by 5.43% than the same month last year.