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Earnings and Productivity Statistics in February 2012

Contact Information:Department of Census, Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS)

In February 2012, the total nonagricultural payroll employment, at 6,913 thousand, increased by 1 thousand (or 0.02%) than last month. In comparison with February 2011, payroll employees increased by 163 thousand (or 2.42%). Since the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday in January this year, working days were more comparing to previous month. The average monthly hours of work in February 2012 was 169.8 hours, that increased by 17.5 hours from last month and increased by 30.9 hours from February 2011. The average monthly earnings was NT$42,149, which was 49.57% less than last month and 8.25% less the same month of last year. The labor productivity index of February 2012 was 6.76% less than the same period of last year, while the unit output labor cost was reported 7.20% increasing.