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Special Data Dissemination Standard

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The Republic of China
Summary of Observance

Last update: Jul 07, 2021

Contact person(s)

Cincia Lau

Department of Statistics, DGBAS, Executive Yuan,

No.2, Guangjhou St., Taipei City, Taiwan 10065, R.O.C.

Phone: 886-2-2380-3431

Fax: 886-2-2380-3532

Internet e-mail:

SDDS Data CategoryCoverage (meets SDDS )PeriodicityTimelinessComments
(Flexibility Options, etc)
SDDSR.O.C. (Taiwan)SDDSR.O.C. (Taiwan)
Real Sector(specifications)
National accountsYesQQ1QNLT 2M 
Production IndexYesMM6W (1M encouraged)21-24D 
Labor market: EmploymentYesQM1Q22D 
Labor market: UnemploymentYesQM1Q22D 
Labor market: Wages/EarningsYesQM1Q52D 
Price indices: Consumer pricesYesMM1M5D 
Price indices: Producer pricesYesMM1M5D 
Fiscal Sector(specifications)
General government or public sector operationsYesAM2Q1.5M 
Central government operationsYesMM1M1.5M 
Central government debtYesQM1Q1.5M 
Financial Sector(specifications)
Depository corporations surveyYesMM1M24D 
Central bank surveyYesM (W recommended)M2W (1W encouraged)11D 
Interest rates YesDM124D 
External Sector(specifications)
Balance of paymentsYesQQ1Q50D 
International reservesYesMM1M (1W encouraged)5D 
Merchandise tradeYesMM8W (4-6W encouraged)7D 
International investment positionYesA(Q recommended)A3Q (1Q encouraged)5.5M 
External debt Q 1Q  
Exchange rates (end of the month)YesDD11D 
Socio-demographic Data(specifications)

Periodicity and timeliness: (D) daily; (W) weekly or with a lag of ## week(s) from the reference date; (WD) working days, or business days; (M) monthly or with a lag of ## month(s); (NLT) not later than; (Q) quarterly or with a lag of ## quarter(s); (A) annually; (SA) semiannual; and (...) not applicable.

1Given that the data are broadly disseminated by private means, the timeliness with which official data are disseminated is not time critical.