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Special Data Dissemination Standard

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Last update: Mar 25, 2021

Contact person(s)

Gross National Product by Expenditures

Tsui-Hua Yang,

Bureau of Statistics, DGBAS, Executive Yuan,

No.2, Guangjhou St., Taipei City, Taiwan 10065, R.O.C.

Phone: 886-2-2380-3472

Fax: 886-2-2380-3486

Internet e-mail:

Gross Dosmetic Product by kind of Activity

Yi-Cheng Wang,

Bureau of Statistics, DGBAS, Executive Yuan,

No.2, Guangjhou St., Taipei City, Taiwan 10065, R.O.C.

Phone: 886-2-2380-3529

Fax: 886-2-2380-3520

Internet e-mail:

The Data: Coverage, Periodicity, and Timeliness
Coverage characteristics
5.1.1 Statistical presentation
  • The geographic coverage of the data is the whole nationwide territory.
  • Data are disseminated generally in millions of NT dollars on GDP at current prices and chained-dollars with year 2016 as the reference year.
  • The estimates are compiled in both the production and the expenditure approaches. GDP are disseminated by breakdowns as follows:
    • A breakdown by kind of economic activity into: agriculture, forestry, fishing and animal husbandry; mining and quarrying; manufacturing; electricity and gas supply; water supply and remediation activities; construction; wholesale and retail trade; transportation and storage; accommodation and food service activities; information and communication; finance and insurance activities; real estate activities; professional, scientific and technical activities; support service activities; public administration and defence, compulsory social security ; education; human health and social work activities; arts, entertainment and recreation; other service activities.
    • A breakdown by major expenditure categories as follows: private final consumption expenditure; government final consumption expenditure; gross fixed capital formation; changes in inventories ;and exports and imports of goods and services.
  • The data are based on the 2008 SNA.
4.1.1 Periodicity


4.1.2 Timeliness

Advance estimates : Approximately one month after the end of the reference quarter.

Preliminary estimates : Approximately seven to eight weeks after the end of the reference quarter.

Access by the Public
Advance dissemination of release calendar
5.1.3 Advance release calendar

A quarter-ahead advance release calendar showing the "no later than" release dates is published on the DGBAS website, which will be updated according to precise release dates five work days prior to the release.

Simultaneous release to all interested parties
5.1.4 Simultaneous release

The data are released simultaneously to all interested parties by issuing a press release and on the national accounts website of National Statistics. The websites are listed as follows: (in English)

Dissemination of terms and conditions under which official statistics are produced, including Confidentiality of individual responses
0.1.1 Responsibility for collecting, processing, and disseminating statistics
  • All statistics collected, compiled and published by the DGBAS are governed by the Statistics Act and the Enforcement Rules.
  • The data on the national accounts are disseminated by the DGBAS as a service to the public.
Identification of internal government access to data before release
1.2.2 Internal governmental access to statistics prior to release

The information in the press release is provided, under strict embargo, to the Premier, the Vice Premier and the Secretary-General on the morning before official release.

Identification of ministerial commentary on the occasion of statistical releases
1.2.3 Attribution of statistical products

No ministerial commentary is released with these data. DGBAS provides its own analytical commentary with these data releases.

Provision of information about revision and advance notice of major changes in methodology
4.3.1 Revision schedule

Preliminary quarterly data are released in the following quarter, and revised in the next of the following quarter.

The first annual revision for a given year are released in November of the following year and the second revision will be released in November of the next of the following year.

Comprehensive revision will be released every 5 years.

1.2.4 Advance notice of major changes in methodology, source data, and statistical techniques.

Information on major changes in practices and re-basing is provided in the yearly report in which these changes are first introduced.

Dissemination of documentation on methodology and sources used in preparing statistics
5.2.1 Dissemination of documentation on concepts, scope, classifications, basis of recording, data sources, and statistical techniques

A description of the methodology is published in the Appendix of "National Accounts Yearbook", available from the contact person.

Dissemination of that support statistical cross-checks and provide assurance of reasonableness
4.2.1 Internal consistency

Quarterly national accounts are estimated independently from the production side and the expenditure side. This procedure enables cross-checks of both statistics. The results of the estimation are released after the discussion and examination of the National Accounts Statistics Evaluation Committee.