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How is the statistical data of ROC published in international publications?

According to our collection, the statistical data of ROC was published in over international statistical publications (including IMF, World, Bank, OECD, FAO, etc), over 30 of which were issued by UN or its subsidiary organizations, but the data would not be published since 1971 when ROC lost the member of UN, but in fact, we still exchange our statistical data with several countries or international organizations regularly, and the data is published in the publications issued by several major agencies, such as EUROPA, OECD, APO, Statistics Bureau of Japan, Global Insight, and Asian Development Bank.

List of publications issued by important international organizations that publish statistical data from ROC
1. World Economic Outlook: Developing & Eurasia Post-Meeting Forecast (Global Insight)
2. Merrill Lynch: Asia (ex-Japan) Economic Outlook (Merrill Lynch, United Kingdom)
3. Merrill Lynch: The Global Economy-Monthly (Merrill Lynch, United Kingdom)
4. Comparative Information on Productivity Levels and Changes in APO Member Countries (APO)
5. Monthly Statistics of Foreign Trade (OECD)
6. Asian Development Bank Annual Report (ADB)
7. Asian Development Outlook (ADB)
8. Key Indicators of Developing Asian and Pacific Countries (ADB)
9. Statistical Report Series (ADB)
10. Asia Yearbook (Review pub. Co., Hong Kong)
11. Asia and Pacific Review (NTC Business Books, US)
12. The Summary Report on Trade of Japan (Tariff Association)
13. The World Competitiveness Yearbook (IMD)
14. The Far East and Australasia (EUROPA)
15. Monthly Outlook (Global Insight)
16. Asian Development Outlook (Asian Development Bank)
17. Quarterly Review and Outlook (Global Insight)
18. Asia Pacific Economic Outlook (Nomura Research Institute, SI)
19. Asia Pacific Economic Literature (Economic Division, Research School of Pacific, AU)
20. Asia and the Far East Commission on Agricultural Statistics Republic of China(Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N.)
21. Asia International Input-Output Table (Institute of Developing Economies, JA)
22. 2007 Economic Forecasts for Asian Industrializing (JA)
23. Survey of Health and Living Status of the Elderly in Taiwan: Questionnaire and Survey Design (US)
24. Pacific Basin Economic Indicators (US)
25. Pacific Economic Outlook (US)
26. International comparative statistics = Comparative Economic and Financial Statistics of Japan and other Major Countries (Statistics Department, Bank of Japan)
27. White Paper on the World Economy (Economic Planning Agency of Japan)
28. Global Statistics (Department of Statistics, Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)