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Uses of administrative registration data for the Industry and Service Census

  • Release Department:Department of Census

In view of the increasing effectiveness of administrative registration system in this country, it has been helpful to this census operation for years. Industrial and commercial registration information currently includes the basic application data of business openings (including company name, statutory responsible person, registered address, industry, and registered capital) and changes in registered information, which constitutes static data and is used as a reference for census frame. However, this information does not reveal the recent operating status of enterprises. Although the content of profit seeking enterprise income tax reports is generally similar with that of census forms, the tax reports lack content such as employee structure and utilization of raw materials and supplies, and cannot be used in the compilation of national income, industrial linkage tables, employees, commodity prices, and industrial production weighting statistics. Because of this, tax report data is primarily used as an auxiliary to the census, and cannot completely replace the census.