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What is the productivity indexes commonly used at present? How is relevant information obtained?

  • Release Department:Department of Census

1. Currently, the Productivity Index published by the DGBAS includes Labor Productivity Based on Quantity, Labor Productivity Based on Production Value Added, and Multifactor Productivity (MFP). Please refer to the Productivity Statistic Website.

2. The DGBAS edits Labor Productivity Based on Quantity monthly and Labor Productivity Based on Production Value Added quarterly. The statistical data are published in the “Monthly Bulletin of Earnings and Productivity Statistics”, and the statistics of yearly Production Value Labor Productivity are also published in the “The Trends in Labor Productivity”. In addition, data collections of various factors such as raw materials, energy, labor, and capital, are used to calculate the multifactor productivity and the results are published in “The Trends in Multifactor Productivity”. The above publications are available at the Statistic Society of R.O.C, Wunan Culture Plaza, and Songjiang Branch of the Government Publications Bookstore.