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What is the scope of working hours in the employee earnings survey? How are the working hours calculated?

  • Release Department:Department of Census

1. Average employee working hour includes regular working hour and overtime. Regular working hours are the hours fixed by or in pursuance of enterprises' regulations or collective agreements, and exclude those stipulated off-days, weekends, national holidays, and private off-days. Overtime is the time actually worked beyond the regular working hours.

2. Employee average working hours are calculated based on the weighted number of employees. The formula is:
Average working hours of an industry, j, in a certain month = (The estimated total number of employees of the sampled occupations of industry j * the total of the average working hours of the samples) / estimated number of employees of industry j
Yearly average working hours in industry j = (Estimate of employees in each month * the total of average working hours) / the estimated total of employees in each month