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Contact Information : Fifth Section, Third Department, Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS)
Tel : 886-2-2380-3487

February 22, 2011 Taiwan's real gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 1.89% in 2011Q4 and 4.04% in the whole 2011, according to the latest preliminary estimation by DGBAS. Meanwhile, the prediction of 2012 GDP growth rate is revised to 3.85%.

Economic Performance in 2011 Q4 and 2011

        Reduced global growth pressed Taiwan's trade strength and led the real exports of goods and services narrowly grew by 0.78% in 2011Q4. Coupling with domestic demand declining by 3.46%, Taiwan's preliminarily estimated real GDP increased by 1.89% in 2011Q4. The seasonally adjusted annual rate (saar) of the real GDP is -0.59%. Meanwhile, the yearly growth rate and saar of 2011Q3 is revised to 3.45% and -0.20% respectively.

        For 2011 as a whole, Taiwan's real GDP increased by 4.04%. Net exports contributed 3.72 percentage points to the change in real GDP.

Outlook for 2012

        The global economy, under the mixture with developing Eurozone debt crisis and improved US economic prospects, is expected to propel modestly. As well, Taiwan's export is projected to grow mildly. Combining with domestic demand, Taiwan’s real GDP is anticipated to grow by 3.85% in 2012. CPI will gently rise by 1.46%.

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