National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)

  1. The social security statistics are compiled by the statistics Bureau, Directorate General
    of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS), Executive Yuan, in conformity to the
    ILO standards (First Inquiry, 2005), on the basis of benefits given in the annual account
    settlements of all social security systems.
    The social security statistics on benefits and finances are compiled according to the
    following scopes and conditions.
    (a) The scope encompasses all interventions from public bodies intended to relieve
          households and individuals of the burden of a defined set of risks or needs,
          provided that these is neither a simultaneous reciprocal nor an individual
          arrangement involved. The list of risks or needs are (1) old age, (2) disability, (3)
          survivors, (4) sickness and health, (5) unemployment, (6) employment injury and
          occupation disease, (7) Family/Children, (8) maternity, (9) housing, (10) basic
          education, (11) other income support and assistance (n.e.c.)/social exclusion.
    (b) The system must be established by a law to provide specific benefits, and require
          public, semi-public or independent organizations to assume responsibility for it.
    (c) It must be managed by a public, semi-public or an independent organization
          established by a law. Otherwise, it must be private organization entrusted by a law
          to execute their duties.
  2. Voluntary private enterprise social benefits and the social relief provided by non-profit
    organizations such as Tzu Chi Foundation, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, and
    others are not included in the statistics.