What benefits can the public receive by participating in this census?

When the government conducted the statistical surveys in accordance with the Statistics Act, all nationals are required to response to the survey questions to the best of their knowledge. With everyone's support and cooperation, the government will be able to obtain correct and detailed census information, which can provide the government as an important basis for its decision making:
1. Information concerning long-term care needs, the disabled, the number of children and their living places can provide the Ministry of the Interior and Department of Health a basis for the planning of long-term care insurance, nursing homes for the elderly, health status of nationals, and other various benefits measures.
2. Employment and occupation data can provide the Council of Labor Affairs and Ministry of Education as a basis for manpower planning, vocational training, and drafting of labor and education policies.
3. Information on population migration and commuting can provide the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Transportation and Communication, and Council for Economic Planning and Development a basis for drafting population policies, transportation plans and rural-urban development plans.
4. Information on hosing and vacant housing units can provide the Ministry of the Interior and its relevant units as a basis for drafting housing policies.
5. Information on language usage can provide the National Languages Committee, Ministry of Education as a basis for drafting language policy, compiling textbooks and language reference books, and making various language guidelines.