National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)

What's is "national wealth"?

on October 15, 1998, the Legislative Yuan passed amendments to the Budget Law, in which Article 29 stipulates that the Executive Yuan must conduct a trial survey of national wealth. The DGBAS then dutifully proceeded to conduct the trial survey and began to actively collect relevant public registration and survey data for later compilation. At the same time, for the purpose of strengthening the usage for economic analyses, the DGBAS referenced the newest economical accounting system of the UN and annexed the National Asset Liability Statement into the scope of this statistical compilation. After evaluations, the compilation method and results are confirmed. Hence, starting from 2000, the DGBAS commenced official yearly compilation and publishing of the statistical results and provided the information for public uses.

The 1999 Taiwan Area National Wealth Statistical Report was completed in August 2001. It was listed as part of the 2002 Public Budget Report as a reference for preparation of budget legislation.