National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Earnings and Productivity Statistics in January 2018

P>Contact Information:Department of Census, Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS)

i.At the end of January, the total payroll employees was 7,638 thousand, increased by 8 thousand or 0.10% from last month. Comparing with the same month of last year, it increased 138 thousand or 1.84%.
ii.The average total earnings (regular and irregular earnings) of all employees(including full-time employees with Taiwan nationality, foreigners and part-time employees)was NT$60,035. Affected by the year-end bonuses and performance bonuses issued, the total earnings in January were 22.31% higher than that of previous month. Comparing with last January, it reduced 35.55%, mainly because of most companies issued bonuses in January of the Lunar New Year last year. The average regular earning was NT$40,787, 0.57% more than last month and 2.79% more than last January.
iii.In January, the average total earnings of full time employees with Taiwan nationality (excluding foreigners and part-time employees) was NT$63,442. Since with fewer working hours, the average total earnings of part-time employees was NT$20,135.
iv.The average working hour in January was 179.0 hours, 6.8 hours more than last month and 26.0 hours more than last January.