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National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)


13. Transportation, Storage, Communications and Tourism

  • Transport on railway and mass rapid transit  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Transport on roads  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Number of registered vehicles  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Number of national vessels registration and freight traffic volume  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Waterborne imports and exports, and the percentage carried by national vessels  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Traffic of civil aviation by airports  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Cross-strait postal delivery and number of telephone incoming and outgoing volume  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Telephone business  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Data communication business  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Outbound visitors  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Visitor arrivals and visitor expenditures  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Number of foreign visitor arrivals by residence  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)