National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Statistical Tables

  • Table 1. Sex-Marital Status Labor Force Participation Rates, by Year (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 2. Labor Force Participation Rates of Cohabited Women with/without Children, by Year (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 3. Length of Periods Employed Persons Working on Current Jobs, by Year (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 4. Methods Employed Persons Used to Get Current Jobs, by Year (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 5. Employed Persons' Expectation to Seek Another Job, by Year (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 6. Employees' Monthly Income, by Year (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 7. Employment Status Changes of Civilian Population Aged 15 Years and Over, by Year (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 8. Selected Utilization Indicators of Labor Force, by Year (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 9. Selected Utilization Indicators of Employed Persons, by Year (EXCEL) (ODS)