National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)

What is the release periodicity of the Input-Output Tables?

1. Benchmark IO tables for Commodity-by-Commodity (CxC)
The Benchmark IO tables are produced according to result of the Industry, Commerce and Service Census Survey every 5 years (ending in ‘1’ or ’6’). The Benchmark tables in matrix form are the most detailed accounts.
Before 2006, the extended tables (based on producer’s price) are compiled in the middle year (ending in ‘4’ or ‘9’) of two Benchmark tables. But now the extended tables have been replaced by the annual IO tables.

2. Annual IO tables for Commodity-by-Industry (CxI)
Since 2006, the annual IO tables are compiled according to the national income accounts and related information every year. Owing to the relatively fewer data resource, the annual tables are based on purchaser’s price and classified as 52 Commodity-by-Industry accounts.