National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Why does the number of employees obtained from the Manpower Survey differ from the figure by the Employee's Earnings Survey?

The Manpower Survey focuses households and targets the ROC-nationality civilian population aged 15 years & over. The scope of this survey includes all occupations. In contrast, the Employee Wage Survey focuses on business premises, and targets employees listed on a payroll and on the job at the end of the month. The scope of the latter survey does not include agriculture, educational services, health centers, other social services, household services, creative enterprises, individual performers in the performing arts industry, public administration, and defense enterprises, nor does it include persons doing piecework outside a factory; however, it does include foreign labor. Since the two surveys have different definitions, methods, and scope, their statistical results also differ, and similar situations occur in all countries. Taking the data for 2003-2008 as an example, the number of employed persons resulting from the Manpower Survey was 1.03 times the figure for persons employed in industry and services obtained by the Employee's Earnings Survey; the corresponding ratio in the United States was approximately 1.24 times.