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National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)


How is the "population affected by unemployment" calculated?

The population affected by unemployment is estimated on a monthly basis by the Manpower Survey in accordance with the population characteristics of unemployed persons' households and their employment/unemployment status. The circumstances taken into consideration are as follows:
1. If unemployed persons are living alone or in households containing other, employed persons, are adolescents aged 15-24, or are elderly persons aged 60 and above, and their unemployment will consequently affect only themselves, only that one person is considered to be affected by unemployment.
2. If an unemployed person is not living alone, and that person's household contains no other employed person, or if the household contains another employed person but the age of the unemployed person is between 25 and 59 (implying that he or she may be the main breadwinner), the number of persons affected by unemployment will be the total number of persons in the household minus any employed persons.
The sum of the total number of persons affected by unemployment in the foregoing two paragraphs will be the overall population affected by unemployment.