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National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)


Doesn't everyone have to participate in the census? Why do I have to give census information, but my neighbor or friend in the other community don't have to take part?

The authority had made a great reformation on the way of data collection in the 2010 Population and Housing Census based on the successful experiences of worldwide countries and well-developed and computerized official registration systems. Population and housing census statistics were compiled by integrating official registration files and linking these files with the data collected from the sampling survey. A total of 16% enumeration areas were sampled by using advanced statistical and sampling methodology. Each household and person in these areas was visited. Therefore, not all households and individuals were required to participate in the census. The DGBAS was able to infer statistical information concerning the resident population and housing throughout the Taiwan area by adopting this new method. In addition, not only the sample was representative but manpower and cost were reduced greatly as well.