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National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)


How is the monthly employment and unemployment statistics survey conducted?

The monthly employment and unemployment statistics announced by DGBAS are obtained from the results of the Manpower Survey. This survey, like similar surveys in many other countries, employs the International Labor Organization's standard definitions of employment and unemployment and recommended statistical methods. The survey employs a stratified two-stage random sampling approach, and the monthly sample consists of 20,000 households (nearly 60,000 persons aged 15 & over). Close to 700 city/county fundamental statistics enumerators are mobilized to perform personal and telephone interviews. To ensure the professionalism and objectivity of statistical results, DGBAS has reinforced training for survey enumerators and follow-up checking control mechanisms. The overall survey design and statistical methods are quite rigorous. Apart from providing government with a reference to guide planning of manpower policies, the results of this survey are also concurrently posted on the DGBAS website for use by all interested parties.