National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)


      This chapter includes information on air pollution, pollution of rivers, environmental noise monitoring, clearance of municipal solid waste, budget of environmental agencies, pollution inspection and administrative penalty, and water withdrawal. Pollutants Standard Index (PSI) -- The procedure to calculate the PSI is as follows: First, each of the air pollutants( including suspended particulate with a diameter of 10 microns or less fine particles, sulfur dioxide(SO2), nitrogen dioxide(NO2), carbon monoxide(CO), and ozone(O3)) is monitored in the air by the monitoring stations increased to 60 stations from 2012 and scattered in Taiwan Island and Outer Islands, and the monitoring data is converted to the PSI sub-index value. Second, the largest one picked from the 5 PSI sub-index values calculated by the stations for a day is to serve as the PSI for the station on the specific day.
     Pollution Level of Major River -- The pollution level of river is measured by the average points converted from Dissolved Oxygen(DO), Biochemical Oxygen Demand(BOD5), Suspended Solids(SS), and Ammonia Nitrogen(NH3-N) found in water.