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National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)



  • Table 1. Important Indicators Based on Manpower Survey Results (EXCEL) (ODS)

  • Table 2. Important Results of Manpower Survey in Seasonally Adjusted Series (EXCEL) (ODS)  

  • Table 3. Labor Force Participation Rate by Educational Attainment (EXCEL) (ODS)

  • Table 4. Labor Force Participation Rate by Age (EXCEL) (ODS)

  • Table 5. Employed Persons by Industry (EXCEL) (ODS)

  • Table 6. Employed Persons by Occupation (EXCEL) (ODS)

  • Table 7. Employed Persons by Class of Worker (EXCEL) (ODS)

  • Table 8. Unemployed Persons, by Reason Why in Unemployment (EXCEL) (ODS)

  • Table 9. Unemployment Rate by Educational Attainment (EXCEL) (ODS)

  • Table10. Unemployment Rate by age (EXCEL) (ODS)

  • Table11. Persons Not in Labor Force by Reason For Not in Labor Force (EXCEL) (ODS)