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Manpower Survey Results in February 2022

Contact Information: Manpower Survey Section, Department of Census, Directorate General of Budget Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS)
Tel: 886-2-2380-3600

      Total employment in February 2022 was 11,458,000, which decreased by 16,000(-0.14%) form the previous month’s level; moreover, it also decreased by 56,000(-0.49%) from that of the previous year.

      The unemployment rate rose by 0.04 percentage points to 3.65 percent in February 2022; the seasonally adjusted unemployment declined by 0.03 percentage points to 3.67%. The number of unemployed persons was 434,000 in February 2022, it increased by 4,000(+0.98%) but decreased by 9,000(-1.94%) from the previous month and that of the previous year, respectively.

      Labor force participation rate remained at 59.17 percent in February 2022; however, it rose by 0.06 percentage points from that of the previous year.

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Link to statistical tables

  • Table 1. Important Indicators Based on Manpower Survey Results (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 2. Important Results of Manpower Survey in Seasonally Adjusted Series (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 3. Labor Force Participation Rate by Educational Attainment(EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 4. Labor Force Participation Rate by Age (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 5. Employed Persons by Industry(EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 6. Employed Persons by Occupation(EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 7. Employed Persons by Class of Worker(EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 8. Unemployed Persons, by Reason Why in Unemployment (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 9. Unemployment Rate by Educational Attainment(EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table10. Unemployment Rate by age(EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table11. Persons Not in Labor Force by Reason For Not in Labor Force(EXCEL) (ODS)