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Manpower Survey Results in March 2015

Contact Information:Manpower Survey Section, Department of Census, Directorate General of Budget Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS)

    Total employment in March 2015 was 11,162,000, which increased by 2,000(+0.02%) and 135,000(+1.22%) from the previous month and that of the previous year, respectively.

     The unemployment rate increased by 0.03 percentage points to 3.72 percent in March 2015, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate also slightly rose by 0.01 percentage points to 3.75 percent. The number of unemployed persons was 431,000 in March 2015, which increased by 3,000(+0.65%) from the previous month; in contrast, it decreased by 32,000(-6.93%) from that of the previous year.

      Labor force participation rate was 58.55 percent in March 2015, which decreased by 0.01 percentage points from the previous month; in contrast, it rose by 0.13 percentage points from that of the previous year.

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  • Table 1. Important Indicators Based on Manpower Survey Results (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 2. Important Results of Manpower Survey in Seasonally Adjusted Series (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 3. Labor Force Participation Rate by Educational Attainment (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 4. Labor Force Participation Rate by Age (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 5. Employed Persons by Industry (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 6. Employed Persons by Occupation (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 7. Employed Persons by Class of Worker (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 8. Unemployed Persons, by Reason Why in Unemployment (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table 9. Unemployment Rate by Educational Attainment (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table10. Unemployment Rate by age (EXCEL) (ODS)
  • Table11. Persons Not in the Labor Force by Reason Why Not (EXCEL) (ODS)