National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Statistical Tables

  • Environmental Pollution

            Air Pollution

                 Emission Account  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

                 Quality Account  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

                 Degradation Account-Maintenance Cost Method  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

            Water Pollution

                  Emission Account (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

                  Quality Accounts (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

                  Degradation Account-Maintenance Cost Method (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

             Solid Waste

                   Emission and Degradation Account-Maintenance Cost Method (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

                   Recycling Account (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

  • Natural Resource

             Minerals,Earth and Rocks Resources

                    Physical Supply and Use tables for Energy(PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

                    Physical Asset Accounts  (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

                    Depletion Account (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

             Water Resources

                    General Status of Reservoirs(PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

                    Depletion Account (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)


  • Environmentally Activity

                     Environmental Protection Expenditures (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)

                     Environmental payments to government (PDF) (EXCEL) (ODF)